There really hasn’t been a lot of ice cube innovation since… well since automatic ice cube makers. But if you don’t have one or are too lazy to hook up the water line to yours, then you’re still using trays. Or if you’re SUPER lazy like me, you buy bags of ice and keep a hammer on top of your fridge for when it inevitably melts into a giant block of ice because you forgot to close the freezer all the way. Which reminds me, you probably shouldn’t eat those fish sticks. Anyway, the Brrrr Polar Bear Ice Tray solves quite a few problems with typical ice cube trays. For one, the ice is covered so you don’t get other food and junk in your ice. Plus you can’t spill it because it’s sealed. Also, the design makes it super easy to pop the ice out, then pour it in your drink. And if you ignore the unnatural amount of legs, he’s actually kind of cute.


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