If you’re bringing home the bacon, you’re going to need somewhere to put it. And if you’re really serious about saving, your average piggy bank isn’t going to cut it. Luckily, the Piiig Extendable Bank grows as your vacation/college/new-flatscreen-TV fund grows. Just add another slice of ham to his belly so he can hold more dough. Each additional slice costs $8, because hey—you have to spend money to make money. Obviously, I have no idea what that phrase means, but what do I know? I’ve never managed to fill a piggy bank entirely before smashing it to buy candy.

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  1. Truthiness

    I’m going to have to smash my piggy bank to buy this piggy bank.

  2. bbeyes2007

    I want to get this pig but the buy it link is broken and the buy on amazon link doesnt take you to the item either…..

  3. Brittany High

    Just updated the Buy It link to a shop still selling it so you should be good to go!

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