Snow globes are weird. One time I broke one and it smelled F***ING HORRIBLE. Plus that stuff inside is not real snow. False advertisting! I cried so hard when I told my mom what I had done and she did not give a single dang. But she did laugh in my face as she told me that I was rocking a gnarly chocolate milk mustache and I needed to go clean that off before everyone arrived for the cookie exchange. Firebox is selling this Breaking Bad snow globe for about $40. Unfortunately it won’t be in on time for this Christmas so you’re gonna have to come up with another gift for me this year. Here are some ideas: tickets to a monster truck rally, moon cheese, a little thing that can turn into anything at anytime, a magic potion that allows me to see through peoples’ clothes but only if they’re attractive, and as I’ve previously hinted, an unlimited Taco Bell gift card. OR!!! All of the above. Preferably all of the above.


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  1. Leah Andrews

    It will if whoever made the thing didn’t use a bacteria killer in the water before sealing it up! Rookie snow globe making mistake – take it from a pro who makes snow globes for a living :-)

    But this Breaking Bad snow globe seriously rocks – I’m sure it only stinks of meth. ;-)