Considering how much you guys loved the OCD Chef Cutting Board we’re guessing that you’re no stranger to compulsive hand-washing either. Thanks to years my mother’s constant nagging about e coli, I can relate. And while liquid soap pumps certainly seem more sanitary than bar soap, I can tell you first hand that the chemicals don’t exactly leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Dave Hakkens has a solution—no, not for your OCD, but for your soap dilemma. Break Soap combines the benefits of natural bar soap and sanitary soap pumps with its break away design. Rather than getting the entire bar covered in moisture and germs, you break away a single piece of soap to wash your hands with. Each block of soap works out to about 90 washes and it contains different sized pieces so you can save the larger ones when your hands are actually dirty and use the smaller ones when you’re having an OCD episode.

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