This is the Splash Chopping Board designed by Mustard. Based on the looks of this thing, I would have guessed it was designed by Ketchup, but what do I know? Mustard is yellow, ketchup is red. And that’s all, folks! Seriously, nothing sloshing around in this noggin except the remnants of last weekend’s bender. Let’s just hope the Splash Chopping Board isn’t foreshadowing! You know, like a hint of what’s to come or whatever. Just imagine: you’re chopping up some veggies and whap! You slipped. Now you’re bleeding. Profusely. It looks pretty similiar to this silly bloody cutting board you thought would be a nice addition to your kitchen. Now? Now you’re wondering if someone can dispose of it before you return from the ER. Just think it’d conjur up some bad memories.

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Via: Foodiggity

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