Until the pirates finally tell us where they found the Fountain of Youth, people will continue to try anything to keep their faces from becoming a sloopy mess. The KollagenX 24K Mask Treatment keeps your skin looking young and rejuvenated using nano gold technology. Nano gold techonologies? Sounds… questionable. But who the f*** cares — it looks cool! I wonder what my roommate is gonna think when he sees me wearing this thing. He always happens to walk in when my face is covered in spaghetti sauce. Then I have egg on my face (!!!!!). And that’s about the time he walks out of the room mumbling something about moving back in with his parents because it’s better than…something. I always miss the tail end because, by that time, I’m trying to Q-tip the meatballs out of my ears.

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  1. Revitol

    You learn something new everyday. If that’s what gold will do.. Diamonds should make me immortal!!

  2. Ned

    I did not know gold could do that!

  3. lkrim djebbar

    this is a nice looking mask

  4. lkrim djebbar

    that mask is amazing hope it works

  5. Revolutionary Revitol

    The mask looks cool. Hope it can delay aging to everyone.

  6. Revitol

    Goldmember would be proud.

  7. Revitol Skin Care

    It looks like a cool mask to wear. It’s definitely one of the cheaper mask to buy. Some 24K gold mask cost upwards of $400.