Remember that tasty pizza sleeping bag? Me too. I still dream about it to this day. It’s almost like the people behind BFiberandCraft are after my own fat-ass, lazy heart, because now they’ve got this super delicious Baked Potato Bean Bag Chair with BONUS pad of melty butter pillow. Now I’ll finally have an excuse for the times I wake up and have swallowed half of my bed sheets. Usually it’s because of this recurring dream I have. I’m stuck in a vat of nacho cheese and I have to eat my way out or I’ll drown. Next I wake up choking on my duvet and all my pillows are mysteriously missing. Boyfriend too :/

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  1. smith

    i want order a beanbag
    please let me know the ones that you have for in stock now and the prices and please do you accept master card or visa

  2. Jenni Chasteen

    smith, this item was a custom handmade product only sold on Etsy but it is no longer available. Sorry.