This is the Octopus Table. It took artist Isaac Krauss about 1,500 hours to make it. Apparently it weighs like 500 pounds. OMG, me too — twinsies! But my price tag is wahayhayhaaay lower. This thing’s going for $5,000. Me?  I’ll go for a couple fish tacos and a soda pop. I don’t even care what flavor as long as it’s not flat. Yep, I’m easy to get, but basically impossible to get rid of. I’ll sleep on your doorstep!




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Via: Helablog


  1. RichG

    I’d say 5k is a steal. 1500hrs = the artist is getting $3.33hr – materials/overhead etc.

  2. Helen Magnus

    I plan on doing just that – where can this be purchased?

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