Wouldn’t it be great if you could install a hardwood floor with the same amount of effort as laying down a rug? Of course it would but unless you’re a wizard it’s not gonna happen. Luckily the folks at Ruckstuhl are in fact wizards and used their magic powers to create Legno-Legno, a wooden rug. The rugs don’t just look like wood, they’re made out of it (and a little polyurethane). They can still be rolled up like a carpet, but are way easier to clean. Legno-Legno is available in 5 different colors… which is good because you probably can’t sand and stain these babies. Why a bunch of wizards got together and decided to use their powers to make a wooden rug is beyond me. Personally I would have made a mansion made out of ice cream. You can talk to any commercial flooring contractor about the floor if you’re interested in having something like it.


Via: theawesomer.com

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  1. Kandis Williams

    How could I order the roll out wood carpet?