13 Brilliant Bookends

13 Brilliant Bookends

If you’ve already found all the inspiration you need for brilliant bookcases why not try some brilliant bookends to go with them? Sure any heavy object can keep your books, DVDs and other media in place, but few do it with this much style. We found 13 of the most brilliant bookends for art appreciators and book lovers.

Falling Stack Bookends

There’s something about this scared miniature man that brings a sense of mighty omnipotence. Any second now those books could topple over and crush the little figure that fears for his tiny life. Little does he know that the Falling Stack Bookend is incredibly sturdy and he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Still, it’s kind of fun to watch his feeble attempts to shield himself from the oncoming avalanche of books. $37 Source

A to Z Bookends

If you’re obsessed with keeping your books alphabetized then you’ll appreciate the simplicity of the A to Z bookends. These serif font lower case a and z bookends are bold, attractive and easy to read from a distance. The wooden letters are painted black with distressed edges that give them a homey lived-in feel, much like your favorite books. $40

Fishbowl Bookends

Keep your books together and your fighting beta fish apart with these clever fishbowl bookends. When you put the two halves together without any books they look like an ordinary round fishbowl, but that’s just an illusion. If you don’t want to keep fish these pretty glass bowls also look good filled with seashells or colored stones.

License Plate Bookends

Sometimes the best ideas and most interesting designs are born out of need. When one creative mom needed bookends for her daughter’s room rather than going out and buying a set she rummaged through her garage. She found these cool vintage license plates, bent them on a table and voila! Now her daughter has the most original homemade bookends ever.

Hold It Bookends

If you love to collect as many incredible things as we do then you probably struggle with clutter in much the same way as well. That’s why we adore clever objects like the Hold-it Bookends. They keep your collection of books neatly together on your desk and let you store your pens and other desk accessories. Or if you’d rather keep your bookends decorative you can add flowers to these pretty polished aluminum bookends. $48

Quote/Unquote Bookends

On the same page as the a to z bookends the Quote/unquote bookends turn text into art. These make exceptionally great bookends for journals, poetry books or anything worth quoting (unlike the a to z bookends, which we image are better for reference books). These books will stay firmly in place thanks to a concrete core, but won’t hurt your tile if they fall thanks to their rubber exterior. $89

Magnetic Bookends Arrows

Arrow Bookends seem to use magic to keep your books together, but in reality they’re just using the power of magnets. Inside the cover of your end books is where you hide the real thin metal bookends, and the arrows placed on the outside seem to float in place in order to keep your books on the shelf. $31 Source

Dragon Bookends

Unlike a lot of bulky square looking bookends the Dragon Bookends have a stunning fluid style that’s eye catching and artful. No matter how many books you place in between your mind fills in the rest of the curves of the dragon’s body that must be hiding behind the books. The Dragon bookends are available in black or red. $110 Source

vinyl Record Bookends

Artists and music fans never stop amazing us with creative ways to give new life to their beloved old LPs. You might have the digital version on CD today, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop admiring your favorite records every day. We won’t pretend that the process to gently bend your old records and convert them into bookends is easy, but judging from the result it’s certainly rewarding.

Star Wars Trash Compactor Bookends

As tempting as it was to include the hundreds of geeky bookends we covet, we tried to keep to good design. But in the case of the Star Wars Trash Compactor Bookends we just couldn’t help ourselves. The cool thing about this bookend is that not only does it recreate a scene from the movie, but it actually makes use of the books it’s holding up to do so. Put as few or as many books or DVDs as you want between the bookends and suddenly your favorite Star Wars characters are struggling to keep your books and DVDs from crushing them. $190 Source

Book! Reflective Bookends

Another set of bookends that’s a sort of play on words, Book! Bookends use a combination of clever shapes and reflective surfaces to surround your books with the word BOOK and an exclamation point in a way that seems to just float around your book collection. These clever modern bookends add a lot of interest to an otherwise ordinary shelf. $30

Zuny Animal Bookend

Bookends don’t have to be big square monstrosities to be effective. They can be adorable, small and full of life like these Zuny Animal Bookends. Don’t be fooled by their small cuddly appearance, these little guys are tougher than they look. Strong enough to be used as bookends or even doorstops, Zuny Animal Bookends are available in a variety of styles like boar, lion, dinosaur and sheep. $48

Book End Bookends

Sometimes smart design can insult your intelligence. These Book End bookends state the obvious, but at least they do it stylishly. Book End bookends have a simple and clean look that works in any space and are available in silver or white. $30

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360 thoughts on “13 Brilliant Bookends

  1. Yawn

    This list sucks, came here looking for some imaginative and unusual suggestions, and instead find that it’s comprised of the first page of results from Google. Long lunch at the office was it?

  2. Leah

    Really cool unique bookends. I am looking for bookends that have a large 3D. Anyone know where I can find that. Will be using it to hold up my 3D collection on the shelf.

  3. Jeannette

    Where can I buy the A to Z bookends??? I click on them and the link is not working or they are no longer available. Too bad, I really like those. 🙁

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