Remember when we announced fake vagina maker Fleshlight was gonna manufacture a iPad holder? Well, now they’re here. FINALLY!  Because I know you’ve been waiting with (mastur)bated breath. Just strap your Fleshlight into the Fleshlight LaunchPAD and choose your own adventure subject material to whack to! Facetime or Skype with a person IRL or experiment with a krinky new pr0no. Hell, you can even get down to your favorite website. I’m not judgin’! The possibilities are truly endless. Just don’t let me catch you beating it to like, Taco Bell’s Instagram page or whatever. Again, no judgy, been there done that — I don’t want you to let me catch you beating it at all. Do that mess in private like a normal person! But remember: Santa’s always watching.

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  1. Jerry Colon

    hahahah this is so sick but it is so true

  2. Anonymous

    Wow, seriously… Men are disgusting

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