Grade-schoolers are kids that are aged 6 to 12 years old. When it comes to toys, those that are for toddlers may no longer interest them, while those that are for adolescents may not yet be appropriate for them. If you are looking for an ideal gift for kids that fall in this age bracket, here are some fantastic ideas that will make them happy.


Kids love building things. They have vast imagination so you will be surprised at what they can come up with. Lego is a top brand when it comes to building brick toys. It has been a top choice for kids for years, and it’s something that never runs out of popularity. It’s a sure win both for boys and girls. Plus, they can also share it with their friends so they can build together.

Art supplies

Most grade-schoolers are into arts, which is why art supplies are also ideal gifts. This will further enhance their creativity. Find out the specific art that they are into to determine the best type of art materials to purchase. For instance, if they are into painting, purchase supplies that they can use to paint. Not sure about their specific interest? Get a variety of art supplies such as colouring materials, clays, coloured paper, and drawing books.


Some scooters are designed for this specific age range. A kids scooter is lightweight compared to the one that is made for adults, so children can balance and manoeuvre it efficiently. These toys are also available in different colours making it easier to catch the attention of kids. They can use this around the neighbourhood or at the park, while still under the supervision of adults.


As there are scooters designed for kids, there are also tents that are made for this age group. They also come in different colours and designs. Get a tent that will be comfortable for two or more kids. They will want to share it with their siblings or friends. It’s flexible because children can use the tent outdoors and even indoors.  They can play and pretend they are camping inside the house. It’s a fun activity, especially when they can’t go out for some reason, like bad weather.


A gift doesn’t need to be expensive. In this age when gadgets are the most common presents for children, why not go old school and give a kite instead? It’s budget-friendly, and it’s also a great way to let the kids enjoy time outdoors. If you are giving it to your own children, it’s also an opportunity to bond by teaching them how to fly it.

Board games

This will make them think and strategise. Some of them are games of luck, which gives that sense of excitement. A board game is also something that they can play with other kids. Monopoly is one of these games.

Whether it’s a birthday or any other special occasion, kids love receiving gifts. Regardless of the price of your present, they will appreciate that you got something different for them.


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