This is a scaldingly hot burger brought to us by England’s Atomic Burgers. It’s called the Atomic Fallout Burger. “Fallout” because it makes your intestines “fallout” of your butthole. TRUE. It’s a pound of meat sandwiched between 2 deep-friend mini pizzas as a bun. OMG it’s a pizza burger, my favorite! You’ve got to wear gloves and sign a waiver to eat the damn thing. Why? Because it rates 1,000,000 on the Scoville scale. That’s really f***ing hot, FYI. On a scale from 1 (Luke Warm) to 10 (Holy mother of God, my mouth is on fire!) it’s an 11 (Call an ambulance!). Out of the 500 people who have tried it, only 1 in 10 have succeeded. I wonder how many actually burst into flames. My guess is all of them.

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  1. kyle

    Bring it bitch I’ll eat it…cant guarantee ill survive with my tongue intact but I’ll eat it.

  2. Dickson

    That isn’t much, only a million? I eat chillies that reach about 1.6 million, that burger would be a nice sinus clearer, but nothing more.

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