Because Mother Nature is one crazy mother (I don’t know and I apologize), carrots do not just come in orange, they can also be purple. That’s right, folks: purple carrots. Or as I like to call them purr purr kerts, because I am f***ing insane. You can buy seeds to make your very our purr purr kerts for just $1. That’ll get you 350 seeds and includes shipping and handling. That’s a steal! If you like carrots. If you don’t like carrots, then what’s the point? Making carrots purple instead of orange is cool and all, but if you think that’s gonna get me to eat them, you’re out of your G-D mind. Unless turning carrots purple also makes them taste like beef jerky, then yes: your G-D mind is perfectly right: I will eat the hell out of them.



Additional images via 30 Bananas A Day and Carrot Museum.

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  1. Sonnenblum

    Actually, I don’t think I have ever met a carrot I didn’t like. And carrots were not originally orange, they were crossbred to become orange. They also come in red, yellow, white and the above pretty purple.

  2. Dan Muir

    As Sonnenblum said, they weren’t always orange. This is their original colour.

  3. Henri ShihTzu

    Purple food is the best!

  4. Organic Ghost

    Yeah retailers discovered that the brighter orange carrot sold more than the duller purple carrot and thus that is what you are sold! There is very interesting studies about how our brains work in relation to food and colour. Meals served on red plate are chosen over identical meals on a blue plate. When food is dyed a different colour such as bread been dyed green we will balk at eating it despite the knowledge we know it’s just food colouring. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they are white and purple naturally been a ROOT vegetable

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