I have a sweet tooth. I know, big surprise. But I’ve always been grateful that I don’t enjoy cheesecake. Cheese AND cake together sounds amazing, but I just can’t stomach it. Anyway, I’m thankful because I don’t need another calorie heavy treat on my craving list. Those who do appreciate it sure wish they got their hands on at least a sliver the World’s Largest Cheesecake. Weighing in at 6,900 pounds, it was presented at the ninth annual Cream Cheese Festival of Lowville, N.Y., and created by Philadelphia Cream Cheese. It was 90.25 inches in diameter and nearly 31 inches deep. It turned out about 24,533 servings. That’s a whole lotta cellulite, right there.


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  1. DyingLight

    Ok, so, I’m not sure what’s more incredible: that you *don’t* enjoy cheesecake, or that there’s a giant one.