Ever since Cheesy Poofs became a real thing I’ve been secretly waiting for Duff Beer to come to the real world. (I assume this stuff gets transported via some kind of Cool World spike of power type thing.) Why? Because I base my life on what cartoon characters tell me to do. (I never tried drugs because I don’t want the Ninja Turtles to think I’m a turkey.) So if Duff is good enough for Homer Simpson, it’s good enough for me. Plus, you know it’s gotta be good beer because why else would so many Springfield residents have such hilarious alcohol problems?

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  1. DaRuX

    Not sure about the cans, but we got bottles of Duff Beer in Germany for about 5 years or more alredy..
    About 1 out of 3 Supermarkets has it

  2. Paul X.

    They don’t ship to America :(