There are services that will send glitter through the mail. Or a fart. And poop! Plus tiny gummies shaped like penises. The list goes on… So of course there’s a service that allows you to send a single pickle slice through the mail. For just $6 The Pickle Wizard will anonymously send a pickle slice along with a bewildering handwritten note. The result? Depends on whether your recipient likes pickles or not! Personally, I love pickles. If you asked me what tickles my pickle, I might even say “Pickles!” But I also might squint hard and look you up and down and ask “What kind of question is THAT?” So, you know, take your chances or whatever.

Thanks for my pal Dylan for sending in the tip. Wish you would have sent it along with a pickle slice, but I’m not complaining! (Jk, yes I am)

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  1. Heinrich D. Bag

    Thanks Obama!