Corn season is coming up and hooo buddy you better get some decent corn holders for all those cobs! These magical Unicorn Corn Holders are just $7. I bet they even do all the work for you! Oh, they don’t? Well whatever, $7 is a small price to pay so you don’t look like some sloppy loser with butter dripping down your arms. So, how do you eat corn? Do you subscribe to the typewriter technique, roundy roundy, zig-zag or front back side to side? Maybe you do it completely wrong and cut it off the cob. Me, I don’t really need corn holders — I just jam the whole ear in my mouth and pull it out real fast, scraping all those lil kernels off with my teeth. I call it the pencil sharpener. My roommate calls it the “If I ever have to watch you do that again, I’m moving out.”

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