Instructables user Danger Is My Middle Name gives us this mystical recipe for Unicorn Barf. Oh yes, Unicorn Barf — the epitome danger. The steps seem simple enough and the supplies should be easy to come by: marshmallows, cereal marshmallows, butter, plus a sharp knife, sauce pan, spatula, and a baking tray. Hoo hoo hoo! A sharp knife? No can do, compadre! I’m gonna need some adult supervision for all of that. I know what you’re thinking and yes: I am an adult. LEGALLY. But mentally, I’m around like 9, 10? Butts are funny!

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Via: Foodiggity


  1. Angie.Evan.

    looks cute, but ew.

  2. Terr Rawling

    Rainbows, sugar and a sharp knife? sounds like a bad combination to me!!! O_o

  3. srodrigueziii

    You sound like my ex. :/

  4. Mae

    It’s colored marshmellows and fruity pebbles. It looks good.

  5. Disqus_Queen

    I was thinking just the opposite.

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