Firebox is selling this Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookie Kit. It’s got everything you need to bake up 12 fugly-ass cookies, if fugly-ass cookies is what you truly want to stick in your pie cookie hole. It includes sugar cookie mix, a sweater-shaped cookie cutter, red and green frosting mix, 2 piping bags, plus several types of sprinkles shaped like candy canes, hearts, snow flakes, and more. Hey, I don’t care if a cookie’s ugly! I’ll eat it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and tastiness is in the stomach of, uh… I dunno. Me?

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Via: That's Nerdalicious


  1. ninja deals

    if you can find an Aldi store they sell them for $4.00

  2. Lori Moreno

    Love! Going to make them, but #organic #glutenfree #gourmet LOL #geeks #foodies Merry Christmas Everyone!

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