Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Wine Bottles

Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Wine Bottles

These are Ugly Christmas Sweater Bottle Covers sold by Sur la Table. On a scale from 1 (‘Meh’)  to 10 (‘Oh My God Burn It With Fire’) these things are a solid 8 (‘Fugly’). But is that gonna stop me from guzzling the good stuff just because it’s donning some unsavory fashion? No. Because it’s what’s on the inside that counts. GUTS. Jk jk, but for real — if there’s one thing you should take away from this it’s that just because something is bad looking on the outside, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna be bad on the inside, k? Unless we’re talking about rotting produce or rancid meat. In that case, the ooky exterior’s probably hiding even worse things going on inside. Like maggots!



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One thought on “Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Wine Bottles

  1. Juliana

    I don’t think they are that ugly…
    We do sell similar sweathers.Well they are a bit more beautiful in white and red!

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