This is Butt Pudding. It comes in a little package with instructions on how to make the stuff and jiggles like a big booty in one of those rap videos if you do it right. If you do it wrong? It’s probably just a sloppy mess. Learn how to follow instructions! I’ve heard of blood pudding, but butt pudding? I don’t know which is worse. Now I know some people are into blood pudding and there’s nothing wrong with that, but personally? Call me crazy, but something about consuming the congealed blood of an animal makes me lose my appetite. Not enough that I couldn’t stomach some pizza, but you know what I mean.


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  1. ANITAHaircut

    This is clearly jello

  2. Sir Man-ticks

    Actually, I’m not certain it’s Jell-O. It definitely isn’t pudding, so it clearly isn’t Jell-O pudding. There’s a small possibility that it’s Jell-O gelatin, because that looks like gelatin to me. Has Jell-O cornered the gelatin market in Japan?

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