Got too drinkly at the club last night and now you feel like death? Me too! Except replace ‘the club’ with ‘home, by myself’ and ‘death’ with ‘drinking again, preferably not alone this time.’ You need Sober Up. Me? I need help. Sober Up is a shot (NON-alcoholic) that detoxifies your bod, restores mental clarity, and tells your liver to chill the F out. The liquid is filled with Eastern herbs and what the product site calls “Western beverage technology.” Whatever that is. Sometimes I think these products just make up catchphrases to make their stuff sound more sciencey and credible. And you know what else? I’m probably right.

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  1. Val!

    You’re hilarious! We should definitely be friends.

  2. Defafan

    If it works, I would certainly purchase this.