Because what’s better than waking up to death staring you in the face from your morning coffee, these are literal Sugar Skulls, skull shaped sugar cubes. The concept was conjured up by Snow Violent, the prototype was developed by DR.HC. Supposedly, the meaning behind the sweet bone heads is to remind people not to eat too much sugar. Really? Remind people not to eat too much sugar, huh? That… is not what I gathered from this experience. For me it was more along the lines of “Sugar skulls? COOL! Put them all in my mouth at once.”



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  1. J

    Wait a damn minute. You do realize sugar skulls were already made of sugar for real, right? This is simply a cube size version. Why would you say IRL? They already ARE IRL! That’s like saying “This is coffee IRL!”

  2. Brittany High

    I know, J. I did bad! I’ll fix it up.