I start off every day with about a pound of bacon, a baker’s dozen doughnuts drenched with syrup and enough booze to drown out last night’s hangover. Breakfast of champions fatty bloggers. Which brings me to the point at hand: Rogue Ale and Voodoo Doughnuts teamed up to create Bacon Maple Ale. It’s made with real bacon and maple syrup from doughnuts inside of booze. Do you think they had me personally in mind when they made this? I’m really starting to get freaked out. Maybe they have their marketing team stake out heavy drinkers’ homes, peeping into our windows and taking note of what kinda shit we like. Because first there was the Cake Vodka, which I thought was just a coincidence, but now with the this? Clearly, I need to buy curtains for my windows. Jk jk, I’m an exhibitionist… which is why I don’t have curtains in the first place *wink!*

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Via: www.thatsnerdalicious.com