A bunch of volunteers from the A&M Texas Traditions Club created this actual-house-sized gingerbread house in order to raise money for the trauma program at St. Joseph Hospital. The ginormous gingerbread house was made using a literal ton of butter, 7,200 eggs and 22,304 pieces of candy. It set the Guinness World Record for biggest gingerbread house and has raised over $150k from an average of 600 visitors a day. That’s all impressive but the real feat here is that none of the volunteers ate the house while building it. I can’t get through a regular sized gingerbread house without snacking. That’s why I always make gingerbread houses of TV studio sets—they’ve only got 3 walls so I can eat the 4th. The house will be open until December 14th so hurry down to see it while you can.


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