When it’s time to pizza party we will pizza party hard! This is the pizza guitar, hand painted by Andrew W.K., the musician, pizza lover, and professional partier. He’s my hero! I mean, his job is to party til he pukes. And then post pictures of it on the interwebs. Sometimes it’s a little bloody. I… kind of regret clicking on those. The images are burned into my retinas. The pizza guitar is adorned with all the best toppings. Per the drool-worthy description: “extra spicy garlic marinara sauce, double mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, black olives, green peppers, mushrooms, and Andrew’s favorite pizza topping of all, jalapeno peppers.” I… have never wanted to eat a guitar so bad in my life. But I learned my lesson the last time I ate a guitar — I broke off a few teeth! Then again, I did make a bad-ass necklace out of em, so… kind of a win?

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