The Only Cookie Stamps With Street Cred

The Only Cookie Stamps With Street Cred

Baking With My Homies is a couple cookie stamps depicting the beauteous visages of mah boys 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., and Eazy-E. RIP! You can get a set of your very own for just $10 over at The Foodiggity Shop. What a perfect way to honor our fallen brothers than to slap their faces on some cookies! Wait, no — that’s like TEH WORST way. Get some gangsta air fresheners for your ride or whatever, I don’t know, but damn! Cookies is just disrespectful. However, a cake would be absolutely appropriate. Preferably ice cream cake. That shit’s luh-jit!

baking-with-my-homies-2 baking-with-my-homies-3 baking-with-my-homies-4


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