We’ve seen some outrageous Bloody Mary’s around here, each one just a little more cray cray than the last. What is this, a competition? OH. Oh, it is. Okay. Now we’ve got the new new NEW mega Bloody Mary. This one comes from SPORT, a sports bar in Seattle. The John Howie’s Ultimate Bloody Mary packs in up to 70 different ingredients, like tons of hot sauce, pickled veggies, deep fried jalapeños, fried mozzarella, tempura fried bacon, and a wagyu beef slider, all served in a bacon salted rim glass to be slurped through a pepperoni straw. All for less than $20. Fufufufufuuuu! Do you think if I shut off the bathroom light, spin in a circle and say John Howie’s Ultimate Bloody Mary three times, one of these things will appear in my hand? Because I’m absolutely willing to give it a try. (Oh god, please don’t let Bloody Mary show up.)


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Via: Thrillist

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