This is the Babushka Tea Infuser. It looks like one of those little Russian dolls that nests a tinier one inside of it. Unfortunately it does NOT have a tinier Babushka Tea Infuser inside of it. Fun Fact: A babushka is a Russian granny. I learned that in school. Once I tried to call my gramma a babushka and she washed my mouth out with soap and sent me to bed with no dinner. Not because she thought I was saying a bad word. She just didn’t like me. And to 100% honest, I wasn’t a big fan of hers either! She smelled like raisins, ate stale sugar free candies, made me give her foot rubs, and — you know what? I’ll just stop right there. They say you should never speak ill of dead, right? My bad. Brrr, it just got really cold in here. Oh… oh no. I think I went too far. Was it the stale candy thing? Fufufufufuuu, she’s totally gonna haunt me tonight!


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  1. Minette

    Oh for the love of… (sigh) Babushka means OLD WOMAN in Russian. Nesting dolls are called matryoshka. Call a cute Russian girl babushka, I dare you.

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