Last year Burger King introduced an all black burger in Japan. And now, according to Business Insider, they’re coming to the US, just in time for Halloween. Weeeeee! Can you tell I’m excited? Well, I’m feigning it. Apparently the company is dubbing the goth burgs “HA.1.LOWEEN Whopper” which is a terrible idea. Why is there a one in the middle? What’s with the all caps for half of the name? All caps for all of the name, I get that. I mean, it’s ALL caps! As in, ALL or nothing. Everybody knows that.

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  1. Phil


  2. Paul Robinson

    Already done it several times here in France, by local Quick chain, as the Dark Burger, during Star War promos. In local (french) news looks like Burger King going to buy out this French chain.

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