The Powder Room, a new cocktail bar in Los Angeles, has a $500 boozey milkshake on the menu. LOLWUT? The menu says the lux shake will include edible gold leaf, the finest Belgian chocolates, some as of yet unnamed premium liquors, and a Swarovski Nirvana Mountain Ring priced at $190. Yeah, and let’s just assume some ice cream and milk. Assume and hope. I mean, it’s a milkshake for goodness sakes! That said, I gotta know what a five hundred dollar shake tastes like. Back me up, Vincent! I can’t even wrap his mind around a $5 shake, let alone a $500 one. I’m getting the vapors just thinking about it.

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Via: Thrillist


  1. lyyki

    I bet Vincent Vega has something to say about this.

  2. marlinne

    If one can afford it why not….plus with the ingredients in it, you get wjat you pay for. Ima get one next time im in LA.

  3. Brittany High

    When you do, hit me up and we can go halfsies!

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