The ladies behind The Jam Stand bring us sweet, boozy jams. Jams like… jams. Not jams as in tunes. Totally different. These jams? These jams you can eat. They’ve got the Drunken Monkey which consists of bananas, sugar, lime, pectin and rum. Not into rum? Try their You’re My Boy BLUE-berry stuff. It’s got blueberries, sugar, vanilla, pectin, and bourbon! Just $12 gets you an 8 oz jar of each. The girls say if you want to eat a PB&J with their jam, you gotta call the thing a ‘jamwich.’ At first that threw me off. I mean, I hate being told what to do! But then I thought about it and decided ‘jamwich’ is actually pretty catchy. Also, I’ll do anything for eats. I’ll call it whatever you want, just let me put it in my mouth!

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