Suicide Coffee is a newly launched coffee company that delivers dangerously delicious and highly caffeinated coffee. Stuff that’ll peel your eyelids back and keep you hyper-focused so you can get shit done. Per the product site:

  • Our beans are proudly roasted in Louisville, KY
  • Suitable for espresso, drip, or any coffee machine or device
  • Brew that keeps you laser focused throughout the day
  • We buy direct from farmers, meaning our suppliers get a better deal than Fair Trade
  • 2x – 3x the amount of caffeine in a normal cup of joe
  • Your buzzing taste buds will tell you this blend has notes of chocolate and cherry. Subtle, yet powerful.

Recently I got an opportunity to test out a package of the stuff. Not only was it as tasty as promised, but one cup in the AM woke me the F up and lasted me until well past lunch. And that’s saying a lot considering I need, on average, an entire pot of coffee to function. Like, one of the commercial size coffee pots, to be clear. Excessive? Possibly. Necessary? Well, without it, I am completely worthless, so yes.

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