Coffee really helps get you through the day. That extra boost of energy can work wonders in the morning, and again once that 3pm slump hits. But it doesn’t make dealing with your boss and/or coworkers any easier. Fear not, because as always, Starbucks is here to help. After you slurp down their new Trenta size cup of coffee, hold onto it. At lunch, simply grab a bottle of vino and fill ‘er up. That’s right, an entire bottle of wine will fit inside the mega cup…with 5 ounces to spare. Stick the straw in and kick back, undercover style.

All kidding aside, the 916ml cup holds more than the average capacity of the human stomach, and enough caffeine to stand in for a defibrillator.

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  1. Jenni Chasteen

    Wow, does anyone really need that much coffee? I can barely finish 1 cup in the morning, let alone…. what is that like 8 cups?

  2. Fenriq

    That is a much better use of the ginormous coffee cup than drinking coffee from it. We gave up coffee late last year and have not looked back.

  3. Brooke Dowd Sacco

    I think my heart would just stop beating if I drank this much coffee in one day, let alone one sitting!

  4. Sara Nader

    Wow, dumb.

  5. AvaintiBabayan

    I know what I’m bring to work on Monday 🙂

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