We’ve seen Star Wars cookie cutters, but what about Star Track? Jk jk, I know it’s Star Trek. I just like to see you Trekkies get riled up! What can I say? I’m a sick person. ThinkGeek is selling a set of Star Trek themed cookie cutters. Presumably to, ya know, boldly go where no cookie has gone before.  The set includes Federation, Klingon Empire, U.S.S. Enterprise, Phaser, and Vulcan salute shapes. Whoa, did it just get reeeaaaally nerdy in here or is that just me? Dammit, it’s just me, isn’t it? Wait a minute… no. It’s just that all this cookie-talk has gotten me all kinds of hungry! Hey Scotty, beam a baker’s dozen into my mouth, will ya?


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Via: technabob.com

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