Super Duper Studio is selling an un-spillable wine glass. Apparently it makes it nearly impossible to spill your vino which sounds to me like a challenge. I’ll find a way! Always do. As fancy pants as the glass looks, the $52 price tag seems a little steep. Looks like I’ll just have to stick with my old stand by — drinking wine out of a sippy cup like a giant drunk toddler.



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Via: Supercompressor


  1. jaajaa15

    I’d still manage to spill

  2. Paul Robinson

    I used to have one similar, but a beer glass, and have another forgot to bring home bought (of course with a box of beer) when visiting sis in law to be. It’s called a “drunken sailor” glass in UK.

  3. John C

    it’d only be spill proof if it was a sippy cup with two one-way valves on it.. this is just waiting to fall on its top.

  4. Olaf Jernskjegg

    Doesn’t work for those of us who fill their glass to the rim.