A woman in Harbin, China was bitten by a viper recently, which doesn’t really sound newsworthy until you find out where the viper came from—it had been marinated in a bottle of sorghum wine for 3 months. (To clarify, it wasn’t in there by accident… people put snakes in wine on purpose apparently.) The woman understandably assumed the snake was dead (because why the hell wouldn’t something drowning in wine for 3 months be dead?!) but when she opened the bottle it bit her hand. She was going to use the viper to brew some homemade medicine, but instead had to visit a real doctor to be treated with antidotes. So the takeaway from this story? It turns out that snakes can lie dormant in liquor for years… and they’re pretty mean drunks!



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  1. humanitysucks

    revenge of the zombie reptiles!

  2. petruche

    Is it similar to wine sold on Buy-snake-wine shop ? I already bought this one on this store delivered to US) and would like different wine if your know where? Thanks.

  3. stadistoya

    Soo… I’m looking at potentially sleeping snakes?

  4. Patrick Roy

    Buulsh*t. It may have gotten a fang in, but it was still a dead snake.

  5. AspWipe

    many types of venom are still active on dead snakes fangs.
    those tacky old Indian souvenir ‘snake vs mongoose’ taxidermy mounts- similar deal.
    a guy died when he pricked himself on a fang dusting it.

  6. Pikey Pilot Evony Doofenshmirt

    The toxin’s are modified saliva, a enzymatic protein, so they should remain dangerous for years. The jaw action is mostly springy ligaments, so it could remain effective for a decade. Defainely a plausible outcome.

  7. Pikey Pilot Evony Doofenshmirt

    The snakes in wine thing is popular is some parts of france too.

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