Luv Shaq is a line of vodka brought to us by Shaquille O’Neal. His royal Shaqness’s booze will be available for purchase in early 2013. It’s supposedly going to be athelete-friendly, whatever that means. Jk jk, I know what it means — I read the press release! It means that the vodka will be sugar and gluten free. I just didn’t want to believe that “athlete-friendly” was actually a thing, you know? And yet here we are. Devotion Vodka, the company manufacturing the hooch, claims it’s going to offer the stuff at a competitive price. Oookay, now that’s more like it! Forget what I said before about the whole “athlete-friendly” thing. I’m back on board!

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  1. Jay

    “This vodka is amazing!! After drinking half the bottle, I can suddenly shoot free throws just like Shaq!”

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