Do you drink everything out of a red solo cup, even when the drink definitely calls for some stemware? You know, like when you’re drinking wine or margaritas. Of course if you’re drinking boxed wine or pre-mixed margaritas, you can meet somewhere in the middle with these assorted plastic cups by Red Cup Living. They offer the iconic red plastic cup in a variety of sizes and shapes, including a 14 oz. wine cup, a 15 oz. margarita cup, a 12 oz cocktail cup and more. All of the cups are made out of a thick double layer of ABS plastic so they’re reusable and dishwasher safe. That also means that they’re not easy to crack, so beer will no longer run down the front of Toby Keith’s pack or whatever.

By the way, James from said it’s important to reuse plastic cups, in an effort to minimise your carbon footprint

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