Ahhh, it’s Halloween and we’ve got pumpkin and booze posts galore! Just trying to capture what Halloween’s all about: getting so drunk you punch a pumpkin in the face. Next up, eating pillowcases full of candy stolen from the neighborhood kids until you pass out in the alley behind your apartment building! Jk jk, that’s my own personal tradition. Everyone knows the real meaning of Halloween is Satan’s birthday. Which reminds me — have a good one, you big red jerk! This is Armageddon, the World’s Strongest Beer. It’s 65% ABV which is 130-proof. It’s also proof that this stuff will get you all kinds of durnk. As it should, because for only 11 oz of drank, you gotta shell out around $64 — that’s like twice my booze budget limit!

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Via: www.foodiggity.com