Acacia Lifestyle is selling these Posable Hand Salt and Pepper Grinders. They’re inspired by those artists’ mannequins. You know, those wooden bodies that I always pose into precarious positions? Yeah, those. The handy grinders go for $60 each and usually would say that is wayyyy too much money to be spending on something that sprinkles seasoning on your food. HOWEVER, these are salt and pepper grinders that you can pose in so many useful ways! You can give the finger or peace sign depending on your mood! Sign ‘I love you’ to the chef! Wrap the fingers around a spoon and make it feed you cereal! Think of all the possibilities! I mean just think about it! I know I am and now I need a nap. BAD. I’m saying I’m falling asleep in my Cheerios over here thinking about all this mess. Wake me up when it’s time for lunch.


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Via: Gizmodo

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  1. Jay

    TOO MUCH!!