You immediately thought this was going to be about bacon flavored dental floss, didn’t you? I’m pretty sure we’ve already covered that. Pork floss is even more interesting. It’s sort of like cotton candy—if cotton candy were made of dry, fluffy, finely shredded pork seasoned with soy sauce and sugar and looked like scraggly clumps of dryer lint.  Pork floss dissolves quickly in your mouth, but before it disappears it releases a wave of sweet, salty, and porky. It can be used to top anything from sandwiches and egg rolls to noodles and pasta. And I for one, am quite intrigued…

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  1. shin

    This is a pretty common chinese food! 😀

  2. chad

    Please!!!!!enough with the bacon!!!! love your site but down with the bacon!

  3. jenn97

    I ate that so much as a kid! BUt you can find that at any chinese store. It is quite regular.

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