Even as an adult, it’s hard to resist the urge to run out after the ice cream truck to get one of those popsicles with bubble gum eyes. They don’t even taste that good, and they look kind of terrible, but there’s something fun about eating your favorite character’s face. But as adults we must resist the temptation (because not only would we look ridiculous, we just don’t have the metabolisms we used to). However the urge for ice cream faces becomes too hard to pass up when they look as good as the ones by Stoyn. Using delicious flavors of Dolce Bacio ice cream, Russian ad agency Stoyn created 7 popsicles in the shape of famous people and characters. Sure, maybe some of the characters and flavors are still for kids, like the mango Mickey Mouse popsicle, but surely a cranberry & vodka popsicle that looks like Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky is meant to be enjoyed by adults.

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