Tupperware cabinets are the absolute worst. If you have one and it’s all neat and organized, good for you. But chances are, it’s a total mess. Tops with no bottoms, bottoms with no tops–forget it. That’s why the PlateTopper is genius! It takes whatever plate your leftovers are on and turns it into an airtight food storage container. Currently on Kickstarter, this baby works by simply pressing it over your plates to create a suction seal. You can keep entire meals, leftovers and snacks fresh and ready to serve, just lift the pull-tab to release the suction seal.

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  1. Brian Furgison

    This is a great idea but $20 per plate topper isn’t an affordable price for most families, who would likely want more than one. Single people and college students would be a big market for this too, and it also might be too expensive for them. It’s a good product and I’m sure the initial investment is high on their part, but this price could hurt them.