Wrapping paper is pretty wasteful. But how the hell are we supposed to present gifts? Personally I just email the receiver a picture of what I was going to buy for them. Partially because I like to be environmentally friendly, but mostly because I’m cheap. Fortunately, Eden’s Paper is looking to sell 100% plantable wrapping paper. It’s wrapping paper embedded with seeds. Currently they’ve got a Kickstarter campaign to fund the product. Choose from carrot, brocolli, onion, tomato, and chilli paper. All you gotta do is plant the paper in soil and add water. But first you got to unwrap the gift, you big goofus! Unless planting your gift will create a tree that produces exponentially more gifts, in which case, what planet do you live on and can I come live with you? Mama wants a pizza tree!


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  1. lostartistic

    It’s very creative! And people would love the idea. But honestly. Even though I would love to say I would be able to remember it later next year. I probably wouldn’t 🙁

  2. leebee112

    Love it this is great gets my vote I would love to receive this so if I wrap everyone’s gifts in this it would probably be disgarded so I could claim it back cool

  3. leebee112

    You could keep some in a place that’s dry and not to hot for next year it would be good for birthdays and any other gift worthy thing

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