These are Pizza Pancakes. They’re created by some genius who goes by the name of Stephanie Parker. These particular PP (Pizza Pancakes) are loaded with cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, with pizza sauce poured on top. Yes please! Pizza Pancakes totally sound like a DCT (Dream Come True) and THEY ARE (a dream come true). They sure beat the hell out of Bagel Bites, do they not? No. The answer is no. But still! Pizza Pancakes totally works with the jingle! ♫ Pizza in the mornin’, pizza in the evenin’, pizza at suppah tiiiime, when pizza’s on a pancake, you can have pizza anytiiiime ♫  Man, can you believe that? They rhymed the word ‘time’ with the word ‘time.” Yeeesh. AMATEURS!


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