Here’s a series of some old school video game inspired cookies made by Etsy seller Parchment Cookies. They’re mega impressive and I’ll bet they taste good too! Lord knows I never met a cookie I didn’t like and that includes the one I found under the counter next to the rat poison. You can buy a dozen of these gamer cookies for $54. I suggest you buy at least two dozen and donate half to me. Or more than half, if you’re feeling generous and according to my crystal ball, you are. Just kidding I don’t have a crystal ball. What I do have is a Magic 8 Ball. I just asked it if I want you to buy me these cookies and then make you watch me play video games and it said “Signs point to yes.” Well, you know what you gotta do next. You can’t fight fate!

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  1. Freeman

    That’s a tough idea. I hope in the future someone makes cookies with street fighter characters on them. I’d get a kick out of that!

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