In today’s episode of things that look like other things, we’ve got this pita bread pencil holder. The nommy school supply wrap was created by Ido Mohar in collaboration with Baruch Mogilevsky. Now just throw this pita pencil holder into your avocado backpack, add a lettuce umbrella and fish pencil case (you can’t have too many writing utensil receptacles, TRUST) and you’ve got yourself a pretty decent afterschool snack wrap if you ask me! Granted if your mom’s anything like mine she’ll probably be pissed and/or disturbed that you consumed all of your back to school gear in one afternoon, but what the heck did she think was gonna happen? I’m all “Hey lady, get with the times –I’m hungry a lot.” It’s like she barely even knows me!

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  1. akane

    I am Japanese.
    I want to buy the pencil case.
    How can I get it?

    Of couse, I have enough money to buy it.

    Please tell me!!!

    I love it!