Drinking four beers in a row can be a real pain. After each one, you have to get up, and get another one. The Beer Boot saves you multiple trips to the kitchen thanks to its 40 oz capacity. Just fill up the boot, kick back, and drink up. Just be warned, you’ll have to do some mighty fast drinking if you want to reach the bottom (toe?) of this boot before the beer gets warm. If beer’s not your thing, you can give yourself a heart attack by filling it with Red Bull, or go into diabetic shock by filling it with Skittles – the possibilities are endless!

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  1. karen

    Bear or Beer? :)
    Also, let us not forget the epic reenactments of BeerFest that can now take place. I sincerely hope some one will be testing the secret that movie offered for drinking beer out of the toe without issue…for science! :)